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The award “Nebula” (eng. Nebula Award) was established by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America). Awarded annually by voting members of SFWA.

The award Nebula Awards annually celebrate the right operates of science fiction or fantasy, published in the United states. She not just organized, but additionally awarded the American science fiction writer and science fiction (SFWA), a non-profit association of professional writers of science fiction and fantasy. It was very first presented in 1966 at a ceremony specially created for this award, and has been issued capstone topics for education inside the four categories of literary operates, differing in length. The fifth category for film scripts and tv episodes was established in 1974-78 and 2000-09 respectively, as well as a sixth category for games – in 2018.


The rules governing the award “Nebula”, changed many occasions in the history of awards, the final time it occurred in 2010. SFWA conference, which announced and awarded prizes, is held just about every spring within the United states of america. Areas differ from year to year.

«Nebula” is amongst the most well-known and prestigious awards inside the field of science fiction and fantasy, and in the Hugo award had been named “the most important American awards within the field of science fiction.” Winning functions have already been published in special collections, and the winners and nominees typically noted as such around the cover on the book. SFWA determines the award for the year of publication, that’s, for the year preceding the year in which the prize is awarded.

The award “Nebula” is awarded annually for the perform published previously year. To become eligible for consideration, the perform has to be published in English in the United states. Even so, studies published in English in other countries also possess the right to publish around the web-site or inside the electronic edition. To receive the award not need to be a US citizen or a member of SFWA.

It truly is also at a premium suitable to possess a job, which have already been translated into English.

Due to the fact one can find no written guidelines on what qualifies as a operate of science fiction or fantasy, the admissibility selection within this respect is left to the discretion from the nominees and voters, not members of SFWA.

The winner on the award receives a trophy, but doesn’t receive a money prize; Trophy similar is usually a transparent block capstoneproject net with integrated spiral nebula Glitter and precious stones cut inside the type of planets. It was made more for the very first awards J.. A. Lawrence around the design and style Kate Wilhelm, and has given that remained unchanged.

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